Fiction | Short Story

I Watched You Today

Based on Music I

I saw you today. The same way I watch you everyday. You tried to keep the doors locked, blinds down, and curtains drawn. I see how the message might have gotten confused the first time I sent it. Remember the last time I told you I would return again? I told you I’ll always be there. Always watching until I came back. I still plan to show up, maybe next time, I’ll be more specific or find a different way to communicate.

When you woke up I saw you crying in the shower. I bet you didn’t even know how to explain the emotions. I saw it in your eyes. Questioning yourself. Can you love the both of us at the same time? I don’t know why everyone around you keeps telling you I don’t want you. Even those few times we went to court they all put their hands on me in an attempt to keep us apart.

With that tear in your eye, I could tell you needed to talk. This was different from all the times before. You were ready to admit everything you thought you were hiding. Perhaps, it was my fault you were running because of my jealousy.

Once you ran out of the house after you both were ready to go out together, I saw you run back in because you forgot your wallet. Your forgetfulness is just one of the things I love about you.  It’s something that bothers you, but trust me you don’t want to know what it’s like to know and remember everything.

I see you buying your coffee. You decided to add hazelnut creamer today. Strange. You don’t even like the taste of hazelnut. Just trying something new, huh? It reminded me of one of your visits to Mississippi. I know you remember that. All you wanted to do was hold hands, but I could tell you were anxious due to all the looks. I’m sure you felt me watching too. Then again, I’m always watching.

Now, you’re standing outside of the doors. I see you looking around for me before you walk in, but a little encouragement with a nice grip of your hand pulled you inside. This was the moment I was waiting for, and I quickly communicate in a way only you would understand.

There is only one of you and you’re perfect. In fact, you’re the only boy who would be able to write this song. I knew you would love him before you met him. I never asked you to choose between us.

I blame myself. I thought the free will I gave my creations would get the message right? I should’ve know better when they called me “he” in the first book 4th verse? Why do you think a building is where you need to go to reach me? That’s just a little rhetorical thinking. Maybe, after my return, I’ll start over and fill a new Earth with more people like you who lives the way I intended: With Love.

(Spoiler: Based on Sam Smith x HIM)