The EDISTO Reissue Is Here, and Roy Blount, Jr. Has Something to Say About It

From the Foreword by Roy Blount, Jr.: “This is the funniest damn book, and so adroit, and so serious, so full of unforced heart.”

Originally published in 1984, Padgett Powell’s debut novel is about coming of age on Edisto, an undeveloped strip of coast between Savannah and Charleston, a “named but never discovered place in the South.” A finalist for the National Book Award, established Powell as a vivid new American writer. Catapult is proud to announce that this beautiful new edition  is available in bookstores today, with this fantastic Foreword by Roy Blount, Jr.





EdistoWhat Maisie Knew

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Roy Blount, Jr.’s most recent book is . He is a panelist on NPR’s and a member of the Georgia Writers Hall of Fame.