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Writing Nonbinary Characters

As a nonbinary queer writer, fictional characters helped me understand myself. I encourage authors to include nonbinary characters in their work.

a narrative guide

The Mountains of Tibet

I recommend hiring a sensitivity reader and/or an editor who is nonbinary if your work features nonbinary characters.

Felix Ever Afterdemiboy

Felix Ever After

It’s unrealistic if all characters are cis gender-conforming men and women.

The Black Tides of HeavenI

Once & FutureOnce & Future

Nonbinary people have a wide range of appearances, and they’re often not the white, skinny, and androgenous stereotype shown in the media.

Once & Future

Nonbinary people’s gender expression may change over time, with different people, or with shifting mood. FreshwaterFreshwater

Nonbinary people may use or or or or may alternate between multiple pronouns.heshe

FreshwaterFelix Ever AftersheheOnce & FutureThe Black Tides of Heaven

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