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My Heart Is a Bibliography: On Being a Writer Without a University Degree

A part of me fears that my writing community will take me less seriously if they find out my highest academic honor is a high school diploma.

A few years ago, my partner Wes gave me a McGill University T-shirt they no longer wear. It’s gray with a crewneck and a faded red-and-white insignia. I didn’t think anything of it the first time I wore it outside, but eventually people started to ask me what program I was in and I’d have to tell them the truth: I don’t have a university degree. Wearing the T-shirt started to feel as fraudulent as wearing a rented cap and gown would be—I didn’t belong in either.


. Awake!


God damn it! I said Vise-Grips. If it’s not written in a book, you have no idea what to do. All that reading and you’re useless around a car.




Come on, asshole, afraid you’ll miss?

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