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What Is Book Production?

A roundtable discussion with the production department of Catapult books.

This conversation is a discussion with Catapult’s full-time production team: vice president of corporate culture and senior managing editor Wah-Ming Chang (WMC); production manager Olenka Burgess (OB); production editor Laura Berry (LB); and production assistant tracy danes (TD). We hope you enjoy learning more about how the production team functions at Catapult, how they each arrived at publishing, and their recommendations for breaking into the industry.

Spell it out for us! What is the role of the production team? What other departments do you interact with—and what does your relationship with Catapult’s authors look like?

What has your professional journey been like? How did you arrive at publishing and, more specifically, production?

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What’s your position at Catapult? Can you give us a general overview of your role and/or describe what a standard workweek or workday looks like?

What would you recommend for people interested in breaking into the publishing industry?

What skills and/or interests do you think are ideal for pursuing a career in book production?

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What’s something about the industry (or your position) that you wish were more transparent or better understood by those outside of it?