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The Best Books I Read in 2020

The best books I read weren’t reviewed in the ‘Times’ or on hold at the library or stacked in a TBR pile. They were in my inbox.



snap your fingers

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what comes after

I’m showing up for the practice. I’m showing up for us.


’re interested in reading some of the work generated in Megan Stielstra’s 12-Month Memoir Generator, find excerpts from some of the graduates below:

Erin BranningWanting: A Memoir of Marriage, Patriarchy, and Privilege

Harmony Cox, excerpt from Nothing is Ever Over

Amy Estes, excerpt from Let the Love Surprise You

Jessica Gilkison, excerpt from Even & Especially

Kristin Gourlay, excerpt from The Geographic

Ashley Perez, excerpt from The In-Between

Eva Recinos, excerpt from Underneath the Palm Trees

Marisa Russello, excerpt from Everything You Cant Control

Nancy Wu, excerpt from Notes on America