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These Essays That Started Out as Tweets Will Inspire You to Write—or Tweet, I Guess

“This article ended up being one of my favorite assignments ever—and all from a little bit of shameless public thirsting on Twitter.”

Richard Mirabella, @RPMirabella, author of “On Writing (with a Day Job)” in Catapult:

Yohanca Delgado, @yodelnyc, author of “The Life-Changing Practice That Will Help You Feel More Gratitude” in Time:


Emma Copley Eisenberg, @frumpenberg, author of “Fact Checking Is the Core of Nonfiction Writing. Why Do So Many Publishers Refuse to Do It?” in Esquire:


Holly Ojalvo, @heoj, author of “How to Manage the Emotional Impact of Getting Laid Off” in the New York Times:

QuartzNew York Times

TimesTimesNYTAll of It

Preeti Chibber, @runwithskizzers, author of “Finally, A Seat At The Round Table” in Elle:

The Green Knight

Ko Bragg, @keaux_, author of “Funk Music Taught Me How to Be an Environmentalist” in Teen Vogue:

Laura Bogart, @LDBogart, author of “Into The Matrix: How Trinity’s Rise Responds to the Witch Hunts of the Early Aughts” in Literary Hub:

LitHubThe Matrix: Resurrections

Aaricka Washington, @aarickawash, author of “How I Learned to Swim” in Insider:


Victoria Edel, @victoriaedel, author of “Fast-Food Fashion Is Everywhere — Except on Fat People” in Eater:


Marty Cahill, @McFlyCahill90, author of “Surviving a Hell of a Year with Hades” in Tor:

Jaime Green, @jaimealyse, author of “What If We Taught Writing the Way We Teach Acting?” in Catapult:

The Method

Davon Loeb, @LoebDavon, author of “On the Confederate Flag” in Ploughshares:

Anna Shults Held, @ajshults, author of “Giving My Plants—And Myself—Just Enough Care” in Catapult:

i’m tempted to ask you all for plant essays but i don’t want to open that can of worms

Doug Mack, @douglasmack, author of “Why Are Journalists Always Visiting Diners in Trump Country?” in The Counter:

The Counter

Jeanna Kadlec, @jeannakadlec, author of “Charlie’s Angels Was My Queer Awakening” in Refinery29:

The Lord of the Rings10 Things I Hate About YouCharlie’s Angels


Frankie Huang, @ourobororoboruo, author of “Watching Tony Leung Gets Us All in the Mood” in Vulture:


Anne Lutz Fernandez, @lutzfernandez, author of “My Father Taught Me to Pursue Excellence. Coffee Taught Me About Satisfaction.” in Catapult:

Jina Moore, @itsjina, author of “Suffering Is for Other People” in Guernica: