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Ruben Quesada Introduces Readers to the Expansive World of Latinx Poetics

Ruth Joffre interviews Ruben Quesada on his new book ‘Latinx Poetics: Essays on the Art of Poetry,’ the first anthology devoted to essays exploring the subject from a Latinx perspective.

Latinx Poetics

Ruth Joffre: I remember hearing about this anthology on Twitter, where there was a lot of excitement about the project and what it would mean for Latinx poets. When did the idea for this anthology arise, and how did you go about making it a reality?

Twentieth-Century American Poetics Twentieth-Century American Poetics

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RJ: Given this particular political moment and the damage done to the Latinx community by the previous administration, this is a significant time to publish a book like this. Can you speak a little to that question of “why now”?

RJ: In the introduction, you write, “Poems are a record of time,” an insight we see echoed in a number of the essays, which talk about poetry as one means of documenting a writer’s life, culture, and personal growth. Can you expand on this insight and discuss what it means to you?

RJ: As a Latinx writer, I found the experience of reading this book to be one of expansion, illumination, and even validation, and I imagine many readers will have a similar reaction. I’m curious: How has the experience of editing this anthology impacted you as a writer, scholar, and thinker?

RJ: What other books on or of Latinx poetics would you recommend?

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RJ: What are you working on next?