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I Couldn’t Stop Updating My Memoir

Writing a memoir is a process of curation. But I kept wanting mine to reflect my up-to-the-moment present.

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The FarewellThere isan email from an agent sitting in your inbox and if you don’t capitalize on this moment right now, this might never happen again.diddream

So is your next essay going to be about me?




the memoir time machineI

entirelyWhat do you even know about life, you sweet summer child?notLook! I’ve learned something new over the past few days/weeks/months!


readingisa lotI promise that you can too.

When do you stop updating your memoir, especially if you are still relatively young and life keeps throwing one curveball after another?

writinghappensSo what?happenedWhat will including this detail do for my book?What will including it do?yourseemmy


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