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My Pothos Plant Finally Convinced Me to Write in My Office

Not so long ago, I was a writer who wrote anywhere but at her desk.

This photograph shows the stunted pothos plant sitting on a desk, described by Destiny in the essay
Photograph courtesy of the author

The happier, more vibrant pothos plant, as described by Destiny above
Photograph courtesy of the author

One day, while thrift shopping, I noticed a comfortable-looking office chair, and I remembered the somewhat stiff dining room chair I’d dragged into the office a few weeks before. This one was leather and reclining, with arms and a backrest. I rolled it to the register and never looked back. “Scoot over. I live here now too,” I joked late one night while moving the plant to a small table to make more room for me at my desk.

Damn, I need more space

Catapult Nobody’s Magic

Destiny's office, with the pothos plant sitting in front of the window, bookshelves to the right of it. At the front of the photo (to the left hand side of the room), we see Destiny's desk with an office chair and a wall full of papers and notes
Photograph courtesy of the author