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Kurt Baumeister On the Synergy of Being an Editor, Critic, and Novelist

Christine Sneed interviews Kurt Baumeister about his role as acquisitions editor for 7.13 Books and the history of his authorial, editorial, and critical work.

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Please Be Advised: A Novel in Memos

Christine Sneed: Were you first a fiction writer and later a book reviewer or did these two skill sets evolve more or less in tandem?

CS: Can you tell us about how someone gets started as a book critic—like the best way to query and which journals to target?

San Francisco Chronicle

Glengarry Glen Ross

CS: How did you become an acquisitions editor for 7.13 Books?

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CS: What is something you wish more writers who submit manuscripts to 7.13 Books would do? And what do you wish they would not do?

CS: How has being an editor influenced your own fiction writing?

CS: Would you discuss how you begin drafting a novel, and how is it different—if it is—from how you begin drafting a short story?


CS: From your editorial/publishing-industry professional’s perspective, since you began writing seriously and publishing your work, what are some of the biggest changes you’ve noted in the business?

CS: What are the main benefits and challenges of publishing a book with an independent press?