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Like Being a Good-Enough Mother, Being a Good-Enough Writer Is Enough

I love and care for my child unconditionally. Maybe I can do that for my writing too.

If you can be anything other than a writer, be that. If you can’t do anything else, write.

I’m a writer because I have to be. I’ve always known I would be a writer. If I don’t write every day, I go crazyWriting is like breathing, or like air. Write every day You’re a writer if you write.

If you can do anything else, do it.

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When you have so much less time, you’re suddenly motivated to use the time you have better.

How can I tell myself “I’m doing my best” if I can see all the ways I could be doing better?

Whatever you’re doing now is the best you can, with the resources and skills you have available. You can build your skills, change your resources. Situations change. Your best tomorrow may be different.

I made you.

Not everyone is a crafts mom, not everyone is a messy-play mom, not everyone is an adventure mom