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How to Get Your Book on TikTok

The algorithmic behemoth can cause any book at any time to have a viral moment, selling out and back-ordering titles in mere days.

90 billion viewssell out backlist titlesself-published authors into the limelightdominate the New York Times bestseller listapp-favorite authors like Colleen Hoover and Sarah J. Maas closer and closer to literary sainthood.

anyanyWhat My Mother and I Don’t Talk About

@schizophrenicreadsone of the most popular nonfiction book creators in the space@the.ace.of.books@zoes_reads@ceciliabereading


a small online communityre just emailing everyone,” Halverson said.

The Secret Historyhashtags help TikTok’s algorithm categorize creators’ contentThe Secret HistoryFrankensteinEmma

Sent from my iPhone’ . . . to really long, in-depth [emails]. [They say,] here’s the summary. Here are the quotes that blurb the book. And I always really appreciate that level of preparedness and professionalism,” Halverson said. Show you’ve done research in your initial contact email and illustrate why a BookTok creator would resonate with your book. Does your book fall in line with other books they’ve positively reviewed? Do you also love an author a creator speaks highly of? Does a creator review books in your genre?

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They Can’t Kill Us Until They Kill Us

driving book sales through the roof

who can forget the iconic (infamous) Salley Rooney bucket hatBeautiful World, Where Are YouI’m Glad My Mom Diedthe haunting Proenza Schouler White Label Lapvona tee


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