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How Do You Publicize a Book?

A roundtable discussion with Catapult’s publicity team.


What has your professional journey been like, and how did you arrive at becoming a publicist?



The New YorkerTeen VogueVQRZoetrope Narrative .

What’s your specific position at Catapult? Can you give us a general overview of your position and/or describe what a standard workweek or workday looks like?


How does Catapult determine which publicist works on a particular project?


What does the timeline look like for book publicity? At what points in the process do you interact with other departments—and what does your relationship with the authors of the books you are promoting look like?

What would you recommend for folks interested in breaking into the publishing industry and specifically pursuing publicity as a career?

Do you have any advice for authors who work with a press or publishing house that may not have a publicist directly assigned to them—or that may not have much marketing and publicity resources available at their press?


What’s something about the industry (or your position) that you wish were more transparent and/or better understood by those outside of it?