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How Do You Edit a Literary Magazine?

A roundtable discussion with the editors of ‘Catapult’ and ‘Don’t Write Alone.’


CatapultDon’t Write Alone

What has your professional journey been like and how did you arrive at editing? What would you recommend for folks interested in breaking into the industry and pursuing editing as a career?

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DIAGRAMDon’t Write Alone

Don’t Write Alone


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GuernicaDon’t Write Alone

What’s your specific position at Catapult? Can you give us a general overview of your position and/or describe what a standard workday and/or workweek look(s) like?


Catapult Don’t Write AloneDon’t Write AloneDon’t Write Alone

Don’t Write Alone

What’s something about the industry (or your position) that you wish were more transparent and/or better understood by those outside of it?

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What part of your role do you find most rewarding? What about most challenging?

We love learning from writers.

When you edit writers, do you have a one-size fits all approach, or do you tailor your editing style to collaborate with different writers (or genres)?

What’s the number one thing you want writers to consider when they are submitting to Catapult (or submitting more generally)? Is there a rhyme or reason to the pieces that you select for publication, whether they arrive via pitch or via Submittable?

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What are you doing as an organization/company to create equity in publishing spaces? What could you be doing better and/or what are your plans for the future?

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