Catapult Alumni

How Creativity Saved Me

My journey to create a platform to inspire people to make time for creative expression through simple, daily prompts

1. “I used to [write/draw/play guitar/etc.], but I just don’t make time for it anymore.”

2. “I really don’t have any creative hobbies — I’ve always wanted to try [writing/drawing/playing guitar/etc.], but I’ve been too intimidated to start.”

1. I was lacking a discrete creative spark to turn my desire into action—each time I’d tried writing since college, I ended up staring at a blank page until I’d lost the will to write.

3. I couldn’t find a low-stakes entry point into writing—signing up for a writing class was a significant time and financial commitment. Even journaling felt like a big ask; I wanted to write, yes, but not about my feelings—if anything, I was looking for an escape.